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Meet the Students

Our students are drawn from a very diverse cultural and ethnic mix.  The school is a harmonious community, where all students are encouraged to respect and celebrate our diversity.  Our students come from homes where 30 community languages are spoken.  Here are a few of the things which students have said about the school:

Aadil in Year 5 says: "I think life in WHGS is great!  We have many extra-curricular activities and the teachers have good ways of making learning fun.  I think WHGS is probably the best school in the world".

Daniel in Year 5 wrote: "Life in this school is brilliant. The teachers support me and help me when I need it.  I enjoy every day in this school because everyone is friendly.  I wish I never had to leave school!"

Matthew in Year 6 told us: "I think WHGS is a great school because it gives everyone a chance to progress.  It has has lots of extra things such as sport and clubs".

Sisi who is also in Year 6 told us: "What I like about WHGS is that the teachers are kind, there's lots of activities to do and we have lots of playground equipment".

Osawaru in Year 7 wrote this for us: "I like that WHGS is a very resourceful school with lots of things to give.  The facilities at this school are absolutely amazing and there are so many extra-curricular clubs like Art club, Science club, rugby, basketball, football, Astronomy club and so much more.  This school won't just offer children education, it will offer every child the very best."

Maha tells us about her first day at WHGS:" At my first day at WHGS I was nervous because I didn't know who I would meet and what will happen.  But my first day was great!  I made new friends and got to know them - it was good.  I like the teachers - they are nice and helpful and I enjoy all the things I can get involved in".