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Secondary Phase Teaching Staff

Name Position
Art and Design
Mr D M Cailey   Head of Design Technology
Miss R Dawson   Teacher of Art and Design Technology
Miss S E Hankinson   Head of Art
Mr C Cragg   Design Technician
Business Studies / Economics
Miss S K Burnett   Teacher of Business Studies
Mr P R Hewston   Head of Economics / Teacher of Business Studies
Mr J Moore   Teacher of Business Studies
Mrs L A Peeling   Head of Business
Mr M C Gracey   Head of Classics
Mrs A M Purcell   Head of Drama and Theatre Studies
Ms A V Boustead   Teacher of English
Mr M C Gorman   Teacher of English
Miss H Wilson   Teacher of English / EAL
Mrs S J Hames   Teacher of English / Drama
Miss V M Lane   Teacher of English
Mrs B M Southern   Head of EAL / Teacher of English
Mr I O'Brien   Teacher of English
Mr A E Watson   Teacher of English
Mr J R Wise   Head of English
Food Technology
Mrs L M Thomas   Head of Food Technology
Mrs E Cowell   Food Technology Teaching Assistant
Ms S L Duerden   Teacher of Geography
Miss K E Fletcher   Head of Geography / Teacher of Science
Miss C A Hewitt   Teacher of Geography
Mr G H Jones   Teacher of Geography
Mr H N Veevers   Teacher of Geography / Head of Geology
Mr M P Jones   Teacher of History / Politics
Mr K Khalique   Teacher of History
Mr P Mulholland   Teacher of History
Mrs A J Sexton   Head of History / Teacher of Politics
Mrs S L Wright   Teacher of History
Miss T P Ali   ICT Co-ordinator
Mrs L V Davies   Teacher of Maths
Mr E J Ferneyhough   Teacher of Maths / Critical Thinking
Mr J A Harrison   Teacher of Maths
Mr A T Rodgers   Teacher of Maths / Teacher of Physics
Mr L Sharp   Head of Maths
Miss J F Smith   Teacher of Maths
Mrs E W Swatland   Teacher of Maths
Miss L E Taylor   Teacher of Maths
Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Miss C M Bauer   Head of French
Mr A C Crane   Head of Spanish
Miss S E Cunningham   Teacher of German / Teacher of French
Mr B A Howarth   Teacher of French / Teacher of German
Mrs H Sackfield   Head of MFL
Mrs B M Schouten   Teacher of French
Mrs G J Goodier   Head of Music
Mrs E V Doran   Teacher of Music
Miss E Forshaw   Head of Psychology
Mrs J L Vickers   Teacher of Sociology / Psychology
Physical Education
Miss G L Glynn   Head of Girls’ Games
Mrs K Kerins   Teacher of PE / Games (on Maternity Leave)
Mr R Lindley   Teacher of PE / Games
Mr R D MacCallum   Teacher of PE / Games
Mr A J Richardson   Director of PE
Mr M R Atherton   Teacher of PE / Games
Religious Studies
Mrs D J Richardson   Teacher of Religious Studies
Mr M Ruff   Teacher of Religious Studies / History
Mr B S Swales   Head of Religious Studies
Miss A S Bunting   Head of Chemistry
Mrs L S Likissa   Teacher of Biology
Dr A Gutierrez-Sosa   Head of Physics
Mr A Marikar   Teacher of Science
Mr R J Mercer   Teacher of Biology
Mr M I Oldfield   Head of Science
Dr A Roberts   Teacher of Chemistry
Miss R Robinson   Head of Biology
Mr J H Thomson   Teacher of Physics
Mr M A Williams   Teacher of Science
Mrs A Barnes   Laboratory Technician
Mr A Burke   Laboratory Technician
Mrs S Traynor   Laboratory Technician
Year 7 Transition
Miss C A Hewitt   Year 7 Transition Teacher