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The Eco-Warriors is a group of pupils, teachers and staff who have agreed to promote sustainability in our school.  At the moment, we have been awarded the Silver Award from the International Eco-School project ( and we will be applying to get the Green Flag status this year.

Some of the ongoing projects we run are a collaboration to teach sustainability with a school in India called TocH, where pupils from both schools run similar programs, share their results and learn from each other’s experience. Teachers from both schools have visited each other and, for the next stage, we are planning on organising a cross- school visit of pupils from both countries.   

Another ongoing project aims at preserving the rainforests left in the world through 3 challenges: 1) the food we eat 2) the things we buy and 3) the energy we use. Each of them is a research project where pupils learn possible action points and try to spread that knowledge to the rest of the school and its related community (parents and neighbours). We meet once a week, although some of the work may happen during the rest of the week. If you are an eco-warrior at heart, come and join us. You would be very welcome! 

Websites of interest:

1.        Eco schools website:   

2.       Rainforest challenges: 

3.       TocH school in Kerala, India: