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Parent Voice

See the report from the Parent Forum on 24th February 2015 when parents were able to inspect the architect's plans for the new Primary Phase building.


A meeting of our Parent Forum took place on Wednesday, 26th November 2014. The aims of this Parents’ Forum were:

 ·         To update parents on discussions about traffic and parking management with Manchester City Council·         To involve parents and carers in improving the situation re traffic and parking management in the vicinity of the school 

Here's the report back from that meeting:

Parent Forum, Wednesday 26th November 2014 

Key Focus: Traffic Summary of our talks with Manchester City Council Inspection of the problem (October): 

·         Inconsiderate parking on double yellow lines at the junctions of Spring Bridge Road / Waltham Road and Spring Bridge Road / Gildridge Road.

·         Inconsiderate parking across the full width of the footway on Montcliffe Crescent and Broadmeadow Avenue at the side of the school site.

 ·         Inconsiderate parking along Waltham Road creating several obstructions and a blockage part way down the road stopping motorists from passing freely. This created a stand off for over 15 minutes while motorists waited for parents / carers etc to return to their vehicles creating tensions and arguments between residents and parents / carers.

 ·         Lack of pedestrian guard rail directing students to preferred crossing points away from junctions.

·         A coach parked on general available highway rather than in the dedicated bus / coach parking bay.  Immediate (short term) assistance 

 ·         Discussions with Manchester Parking Services and with Greater Manchester Police

·         Manchester Parking have been asked to increase Civil Enforcement Officer attendance in both the AM and PM peak periods to enforce both the double yellow lines and the School Keep Clear Zig Zag Markings.

·         School Keep Clear Zig Zag Markings have been remarked

 ·         Greater Manchester Police have been asked to attend the school site on a regular occurrence, again in the peak AM and PM periods to enforce inconsiderate parking and obstruction of the footway along Montcliffe Crescent and Broadmeadow Avenue.

·         Discussions will now take place with City Wide Support - Highways and Education to try and identify funding for strategically placed Pedestrian Guard Railing at key locations along Spring Bridge Road and Montcliffe Crescent.  Long term assistance 

·         Discussions will take place between Manchester's City Wide Support Team (Highways) and Education to see how any future expansion proposals for the site can include a new local road safety strategy. This may include new traffic regulation orders to provide a one way system to side roads off Spring Bridge Road and possibly a new controlled crossing point. Designated drop off zones away from the main school entrance may also benefit this site

·         The exact detail of the required 'long tern assistance' will be discussed with the School, the local community and Development Control / Planning at the appropriate stage.  How the School can help 

·         Teachers at the school gates, talking to parents who have parked badly sends out a strong message

·         Campaigns driven by the pupils encouraging responsible parking and driving.

 ·         Developing working partnerships with external agencies such as the police, health promotion units and the local council

·         Sharing of good practice with other schools locally.

 ·         Schools also aim to try to promote the ethos of respect for the local residents. 

 ·         Schools should teach children about road safety and provide opportunities for them to practise it in real life situations.

·         Remind parents to be considerate of others when bringing their children to and from school.

·         Promote walking and cycling to school and the safety measures involved in these activities.


Group ideas and priorities 

Group A (Parents)

·         Questionaire for parents - eg what would make you not drop outside school?  Would you use a walking bus? What other alternative could you suggest?

·         More sanctions – eg on the spot fines, enforcement officer presence, clamping·         Walking activity for pupils – using pedometers to promote healthy lifestyles

·         Designated crossing point – eg zebra crossing·         Traffic calming measures – eg sleeping policemen, one way system

·         Note for windscreens designed by pupils·         Poster designed by pupils for residents’ gates·         Health drive from PE department

·         Barriers to limit crossing points 

Group B (Parents)

·         Traffic survey

·         Involve the local community – councillors, parents, pupils

·         Traffic measures – eg safe crossing points, lollipop crossings

·         Carrot: Rewards/incentives for walking and cycling to and from school eg house points

·         Clear message and information  from school – eg website, twitter, Parents charter, signage, cycling activities for the community‘

·         Healthy habits’ – pilot scheme 

Group C (School)

·         Junior PCSOs

·         Cycling -  improve bike facilities, rewards for those that cycle into school and continue cycling training in school

·         Explicit and specific communication with parents with maps and pictures to show the extent of the problem

·         Support staff presence at the start and end of school

 ·         Health drive – exercise and healthy eating campaigns

·         Road safety awareness

·         Pupil survey – how they travel to and from school

What's on your mind?

We always welcome any suggestions from parents/carers about any matters of general interest which they feel would improve the experience of all children at the school.  It may be a very small simple idea or it could be something which could lead to a much larger initiative.

If you would like to put an idea forward, please do so in writing by handing your suggestion in at school reception in an envelope marked 'Suggestion Box'.  We would then hope to get together all interested parties, including as many parents/carers as possible, to thoroughly discuss the suggestion, and, if feasible, to put it into practice.

We do already do a great deal to talk to and advise parents/carers, giving them as much information as we can about their child's school life.  There will always be other ideas which we may not yet have thought of and we really want to hear from YOU!

Coffee Morning

Don't forget that there is an opportunity for ideas, suggestions and discussion at the regular Primary Phase Coffee Morning which takes place on the last Friday of the month after Assembly, at about 9.00am in the Primary Phase Staff Room. You don't have to have a child in the Primary Phase to come to these - everyone is welcome.