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Pupil Premium

How things work at William Hulme’s

The school effectively and strategically deploys resources to deliver excellent outcomes for its pupils.  At the heart of our philosophy is to bring out the best in everyone.

What is the Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium gives schools extra funding to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils from reception to year 11. The government introduced a fund of £625 million in April 2011 to give schools £400 per year for:

  • every child currently registered as eligible for free school meals
  • children who have been looked after for 6 months or longer

From April 2012, pupil premium funding was also extended to:

  • all children eligible for free school meals at any point in the past 6 years

In the 2014 to 2015 financial year, funding for the pupil premium increased to £2.5 billion. Schools are receiving:

  • £1,300 per pupil of primary-school age
  • £935 per pupil of secondary-school age
  • £1,900 per pupil for looked-after children who:
    • have been looked after for 1 day or more
    • are adopted (Eligible children are those adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005 which is the date the Adoption and Children Act 2002 was implemented)
    • leave care under a Special Guardianship Order or a Residence Order

It is not ring-fenced and schools are free to spend it as they wish.  

School Leadership - Team Around Pupil Premium 

The school places a high premium on supporting students eligible for the pupil premium and this is reflected in the clear and focussed leadership model at the school.

 ·         Assistant Principal (Student Services) - Oversight of the work across the academy with specific remit for the secondary phase outcomes. 

·         Heads of Primary & Sixth Form - Lead the work in the Primary and Sixth Form with specific remit for Primary and Sixth Form outcomes.

·         Data Manager, Head of Mentoring and Bursar – Lead the work on developing data; in-house support services and tracking of financial records.

Pupil Premium 2012-2013

Pupil Premium 2013-2014 Outcomes for Primary / Secondary Phases

The school measures the impact of its pupil premium activities in two important ways:

Performance of pupil premium students and those not against national benchmarks for achievement

Capturing the student voice through success stories

Primary Phase

Evidence of narrowing of gaps in progress and attainment of Pupil Premium children


All Pupil Premium pupils in Year 6 attained L4b+ in Reading, Writing and Maths.  All gained L5 in Reading.  1 pupil gained L5+ in all areas with L6 in Maths and GPS.  Pupil Premium pupils outperformed non Pupil Premium pupils in all areas in terms of progress. 


In Year 1 Pupil Premium pupils are making better progress and attaining higher results than non Pupil Premium pupils. 


In Year 2 the gap is approximately 11%, except in Writing, where Pupil Premium pupils are making more rapid progress than non Pupil Premium pupils. 


In Year 3 the gap is similar, at approximately 13%.  However, the gap narrows considerably in Writing, where more Pupil Premium pupils are on track to make more than expected progress than non Pupil Premium pupils.  Gaps in Maths in Year 3 are negligible. 


In Year 4 the gap between Pupil Premium pupils and non Pupil Premium pupils is at 11% in the number of pupils expected to make more than expected progress in Maths, but in most other areas the gap is negligible or non-existent i.e. in the number of pupils on track to make expected progress in both Reading and Writing, which is 100% for both Pupil Premium and non Pupil Premium pupils.


In Year 5 the gap is also negligible or non-existent, except in the number of Pupil Premium pupils on track to make more than expected progress in Maths.



Secondary Phase



Attainment Measures

Pupil Premium Students Non-Pupil Premium Students
5A*-C any including English & Maths 65 78
5A*-C GCSE only including English & Maths 65 77
5A*-C any equivalents 85 94
5A*-C GCSEs only 69 80
5A*-G any equivalents 100 100
Progress Measures Pupil Premium Students Non-Pupil Premium Students
Currently expected Progress English 86 85
Currently expected Progress Maths 87 84
Currently > expected Progress English 59 47
Currently > expected Progress Maths 49 61


Pupil Premium Funding 2014-2015 - Overall Funding

The school will receive c£320,940. 

  • Primary Phase £74,100
  • Secondary Phase £246, 840
  • Looked After Pupils £22, 800
  • Adopted From Care £9,500

Secondary Phase Spending Plans 2014-2015


Impact Centre – 4 full time learning mentors remove barriers to learning and support



Individualised learning programmes for vulnerable pupils


Homework club staffed by 2 LSAs to provide onsite support with learning beyond the



Onsite Careers Advisor provides early, targeted intervention for students


Individual needs are met by nurturing talents and interests through the purchase of Music

lessons, kindles, computers, residential trips and much more.

 Primary Phase Spending Plans 2014-2015





 ·         Use of Qualified Teacher for Intervention Programmes = 3 hours a week @ £20 per hour = £60 per week x 37 = £2,200 


·         Impact Centre Support for 1 LAC = 2 hours a week @ £10 per hour x 37 + additional sessions as required = £800


·         Tutor Trust interventions = £4,000 


·         Individual enrichment opportunities e.g. enabling Pupil Premium pupils to take part in residential visits = £2,000 


·         Salaries for classroom TAs and specialist LSAs for ASD and SALT to target Pupil premium pupils = £69,000