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a well in
the name
s c h o o l .
P a r e n t s
from the
P r i m a r y
Phase and I baked and donated cakes and
cupcakes to be sold for this cause.
Olaf and Elsa from ‘Frozen’ came to see us and
they visited all the classes in the Primary Phase. We
managed to achieve our target of £300, thanks to
the support of parents, members of the Sixth Form
who helped sell the cakes and, of course, the Khalil
family who supported me throughout by providing
the buckets and other resources I needed.
With the money we raised, we were able to have
a well, in the name of our school, built at a school
in Pakistan.
I would like to thank Sabia and Shameer for
selling the cakes; Michael
(Olaf), assisted by Zeheen
and Sahira (Elsa), assisted
by Hooriya for visiting the
classes and to Mrs Schouten
for allowing us to do this.
Taiybah Qureshi (13R)
February 2016
Message fromthe Principal
- Mr P Mulholland
“I would like to thank all parents
and carers for supporting our drive to improve
standards in our school. We believe this is
making a difference and we will continue to
set high expectations in behaviour, academic
achievement and extra-curricular involvement
for all pupils for the rest of the year.
Please get in touch if you wish to discuss any of
these expectations further.”
PennyAppeal and Cake Sale
PennyAppeal is a charity that takes your small
change and makes a big difference with it! Since
2009, they have grown rapidly with over 4000
volunteers in the UK and have raised millions to
provide the life-saving aid they do.
PennyAppeal work in over 30 crisis-hit countries
in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, providing vital
life-saving aid and resources to the poor and the
needy. With many generous donations, they are
able to provide nutritious meals, build wells, care
for orphans and the elderly, restore eyesight, open
schools, orphanages and mosques, all of which
are able to transform lives.
I organised a
cake sale in
the Primary
order to raise
money to be
able to build
Welcome to our new Parent Governor
Following the school’s recent election, we would
like to welcome Professor Hannah Barker as the
new Parent Governor, who will serve a term of
office for next 3 years.
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