WHGS Newsletter Feb 2016 - page 10

Old Hulmeians Assocation
The Old Hulmeians Association
Supporting Our Students and Looking for Volunteers
Have you heard of the Old Hulmeians Association (or the OHA for short)?
Every student in school is automatically a member of the OHA upon leaving.
We aim to keep you in contact with each other once you have left school. William Hulme’s is here for
you throughout your life... not just whilst at school... but beyond into further education, future careers
and even into retirement!
We are hoping, in the near future, to invite ex-students who are currently at university, back to school
to talk about their experiences so that Sixth Form students can get a real sense of what being a
university student is really like.
Each year some ex-students come back to school to offer careers advice. This term, several OHA
members came to talk to the Year 9 students at the recent Careers Speed Dating event. Some of our
youngest members are just 18 years old, and a few of our oldest are over 80! So there is a massive
variety of experience, with members having careers in all walks of life that we can call on. They
really value belonging to William Hulme’s, even years after they have left, maintaining friendships and
contacts for life.
The OHA also helps students participate in after-school activities, by providing funding for individuals
and specific projects. Over the last few years these have included:
• Supporting the Cern trip
• Providing the kit for the Football Tour of Holland
• Part-funding the Northern Lights trip
• Donating some funds for the Arts and Crafts Club to buy materials, etc
• Helping to purchase some of the musical instruments for the Primary Phase students
• Contributing the iPad cases for Nursery and Reception students, among other things.
If you are about to leave this year, why not take a note of the OHA website and facebook page so you
can keep in touch with friends as you all pursue your new aspirations and careers.
Or consider volunteering... to help in organising events, providing news and articles for the website,
newsletter, Facebook page, etc and gain some valuable experience and contacts at the same time.
If you’d like to know more, Mr Baylis (in the Bursary) and I are always available.
Mr H N Veevers
Director of Careers
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