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University of Manchester Materials Science Department
The Physics Department took a group of Year 12 students to the University of Manchester Materials
Science department on Thursday, 21 January 2016.
The students learnt about various cutting-edge applications of the physics of materials and went on a
tour of the laboratories, where they had the chance to speak to the researchers and gain an insight into
their projects. The enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of our Year 12 physicists was really impressive, and
they were keen to ask questions at every opportunity (especially about how much the apparatus cost)!
Mr M J Church
Teacher of Physics
Trip Report...
The trip was extremely interesting and beneficial.
Physics is a passion of mine and I have been
interested in real world applications of it, as
most of what we learn in school is concerned
with theory and explanation. So, seeing the real
world applications of it and how students that
were a small number of years older than me
pursuing very real problems was very inspiring.
Also, seeing the electron microscopes in action
was quite fascinating, the amount of time it took
for just a small image to be produced was quite
My very favourite part of the trip was the presentation concerning the research into materials that
could withstand nuclear fusion. It is an extremely relevant part of the race to nuclear fusion as a viable
source of energy. This would then have real world benefits as shown by a diagram in the presentation
showing a positive correlation between a
country’s access to energy and it’s GDP.
In conclusion, I would definitely attend another
trip such as this one if I had the chance, ask even
more questions and try to delve deeper into the
realm of physics.
Omar Jeylani (12H)
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