WHGS Newsletter Feb 2016 - page 12

Year 4 - Year 6 Athletics Competition
On 18 January 2016, WHGS Primary phase took part in the Athletics Central Sportshall
competition and did really well.
The children performed amazingly and all competed to a high standard. Out of 12 central
teams, our children came 8th! Another great result for WHGS Primary Phase.
The team consisted of: Amina Kathrada, Aaliyah Nisbett, Miraj Kayani, Victor McNeill, Jess
Leighton, Clarise Young-Vita, Daisy Burden, Caitlin Sheppard, Kieran Johnson, Zayne Edwards,
Bailey Cunningham and Qasim Ahmed.
Miss R Stuart
Primary Phase Teaching Assistant
Year 4 - Year 5 Basketball Competition
On 4 January 2016 and 28 January 2016, WHGS Primary Phase took part in Y5 and Y6 Basketball
tournament at Whalley Range High School.
Out of 12 teams from central Manchester WHGS came 8th! A big congratulations to our children
who took part, who all displayed wonderful individual determination and team-work.
The team consisted of: Victor McNeill, Daniel Hessavi, Miraj Kayani, Aaliyah Nisbett, Niomi Pinkney
Martin, Daisy Burden, Moeyed Sultan and Clarise Young-Vita.
Miss R Stuart
Primary Phase Teaching Assistant
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