WHGS Newsletter Feb 2016 - page 13

Primary Phase Sport
Year 5 - Year 6 Pop Lacrosse Competition
On 3 February 2016, WHGS Primary
phase took part in the Y5 and Y6 Pop
Lacrosse Tournament at Whalley Range
High School. This was an extremely tough
competition because our children were
not as experienced within this sport as
other schools. WHGS, however, did not let
this small detail get in the way of their
excitement and determination.
As a result, our children came 2nd in their
group, missing out on the finals by only 2 points! An amazing accomplishment and result for
WHGS and a well deserved one too!
The team consisted of: Sana Hussian, May Farooq, Daniel Hessavi, Victor McNeill, Alisha Ullah,
Olivia Neokli, Daisy Burden and Malaika Khan.
Miss R Stuart
Primary Phase Teaching Assistant
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