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Learning Support / LRC
Learning Support Trip to Chorlton
On Tuesday, 9 February, five Year 9 and Year 10 students went on
a travel training trip to Chorlton.
The students learnt how to read bus timetables and access public
transport. Once in Chorlton, the students researched the local
area; from finding out where to open a bank account, to buying
The trip was part of an ongoing programme to develop skills for
the future.
Miss K Whittam
Learning Support Assistant
Author Event with Alan Gibbons
One lucky group of Year 9 students was invited by Manchester
Central Library to attend an event featuring local author, Alan
Gibbons, on Monday, 8 February.
Twenty five students, accompanied by Mr Gorman, Miss Daly
and Ms Mehaffy, listened attentively as Alan spoke about his
life, his inspiration and the varied messages within his books. He
discussed issues of racism, gender discrimination, homophobia
and social injustice, found in such novels as An Act of Love, Caught in the Crossfire and his new
book, Hate. Based on the senseless murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007, the book tells the story of
two characters caught up in the tragic events of the past and the damage that hate crimes can do to
individuals and communities.
Alan, a former teacher, shared personal experiences with his audience and provided insight into why
he turned to writing as a way of voicing the issues he felt so strongly about - he urged the young
people present to continue reading, writing and being creative in order to let their voice be heard in
the same way.
Year 9 thoroughlyenjoyed thehighly interestingandvery
funny presentation that kept their attention engaged
throughout. Ahmed Abdul-Majeed and Annam Ghani
are to be praised for the well-considered questions
they asked Alan at the end of his talk, relating to the
impact his writing has had on his belief in humanity.
All in all, a great trip: student behaviour was excellent
and staff were incredibly proud of the way in which the
group conducted themselves.
Miss C Daly
LRC Manager/Librarian
Join us in the LRC
Thursday, 17 March 2016
We are reading ‘The Versions of Us’ by
Laura Barnett
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