WHGS Newsletter Feb 2016 - page 8

Siemens Day
On Monday, 11 January, Siemens sent eight of
their employees to run a project with a group
of our Year 9 students. Siemens is the biggest
Engineering company in Europe, manufacturing
wind farms, trains, electrical appliances and
medical technology, as well as offering business
Students were given a great deal of background
information and were then introduced to the
project. They were split into groups and had to
manage a building project; from the planning
stage until it was ready to tender. They had the
use of various resources and had to manage
a budget. Some of the maths involved was of
AS-level standard and students certainly felt they
had been stretched. The students all enjoyed the
day and thanks are due to Siemens for helping
create and invest in such an excellent learning
Some comments from the year 9 pupils who took
Enjoyed being Project Manager ~ enjoyed working
as a team to build a house ~ can we do this more
often? ~ Enjoyed working out the maths ~ a good
way to learn ~ having fun with my team ~ they
inspired me ~ would like to have tried different
roles ~ enjoyed being a site manager ~ meeting
new people from the world of business ~ it was
All the comments were positive, thank you
Mr H N Veevers
Director of Careers
Castlefield - Tuesday, 2 February 2016
A group of Year 12 Business Studies students visited Castlefield in Piccadilly,
Manchester. A specialised investment company who concentrate on ethical
investments, they offer carefully crafted advice and ongoing management to
individuals and organisations who share their thoughtful approach. Managing
investment for charities was a major focus from the outset. Interestingly, they have
out-performed the market, partly because they have avoided oil, gas and mining
and concentrated on renewable energy sources. They also invest in micro-technology in developing
countries. The business is employer-owned to ensure that everything they do reflects the values of the
owners and their clients.
After an introduction from the founder of the company, the Sixth Formers were split into small
groups. The sessions involved a financial quiz (impressive results), a discussion about the company
and ethical investments and an introduction to recruitment and the apprenticeship scheme that has
been introduced. We met two apprentices who were working towards qualifying in separate fields;
one in investment management operations and the other in investment advice administration. They
had decided to work and study and avoid the debt involved with going to University. Individuals are
selected by personality and not just academic ability. Maths is not compulsory and the people we met
had a wide range of interests and degrees.
School Leaver Programmes are well worth considering! Many thanks to Summayya Mosam at
Castlefield for organising the visit.
Mr H N Veevers, Director of Careers and
Miss S K Burnett, Teacher of Business Studies
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