WHGS Newsletter Feb 2016 - page 9

Year 9 Speed Dating Event - Wednesday, 10
February 2016
The Careers Speed Dating Event is organised to give our Year 9
students the chance to meet a range of guests who have a great
deal of experience of work in a variety of different work places.
Students had five minutes with each guest to ask them about
their career experiences. They were offered excellent advice and
left the event with a great deal of information about the world
of work.
• Chris Baylis from the school Bursary spoke about the various
jobs he has had as an accountant.
• Chris Denholm, also works in the Bursary, but followed a
different route into the accounting profession.
• Elizabeth Fritchley is the school Bursar and was able to give
an example of how careers may change as well as valuable
advice on a range of subjects.
• Rick Shotton was a teacher, worked with The British Council
and is now involved in Global Learning Programmes and
inter-cultural dialogue through education, youth and the arts
in Europe and the southern Mediterranean.
• Matt Hargreaves has never had a job interview, loves geology
and is an entrepreneur with interests in property, and was
able to stress the need to follow a career path you enjoy.
• Alexis Karlsson-Jones left William Hulme’s in 2002 and has
a degree in Law. She has worked for the General Medical
Council and presently works for the Ombudsman.
• Charlotte Hoyland and Camille Riley work for Manchester
College and spoke about their careers, as well as the
opportunities available at Manchester College.
• Joanne Flitcroft is a solicitor working for AstraZeneca and was able to explain the variety of careers
available within Law.
• Simon Schouten has vast experience in IT and sales and stressed the need to be flexible, take your
time and choose an area that you enjoy working in.
• Mark Lees works in the Aerospace Industry and, whilst offering good advice, was able to make
students aware of the vast range of jobs in the industry and the opportunities available at one of
our biggest employers, Manchester Airport Authority.
• Clare Sorrell works for Ayres Waters in Stockport. They are a Family Law firm and specialise in
finding solutions when family relationships break down.
• Jacqui McKnight manages all the school data and explained how her career developed into the role
she has today.
Thanks are due to our guests who spent four hours talking to all our Year 9 students. The students
were all very positive and many wanted to spend more time talking about their futures.
Mr H N Veevers
Director of Careers
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