General Information about Admissions to the Academy


William Hulme's Grammar School became a City Academy in September 2007.

We are an age 3 - 18 Academy. Places are allocated strictly in line with our published admissions policy. The school is funded directly by the Government and fees are no longer payable.

The school is part of the Manchester Local Authority's Co-ordinated Admissions scheme and offers places to boys and girls of all abilities. Applications for Year 7 and Reception places are made through the child's home Local Authority. Nursery (pre-school) and Sixth form applications are  made directly to the school.


Year 7 Admission 2016:

All places available for Year 7 September 2016 have now been offered and accepted. There are no further places left to offer - we are now full for September in Year 7.

Open Evening for Year 7: Thursday 06 October 2016

Our Secondary Open Evening will be held on Thursday 06 October 2016 beginning at 5.00pm. No booking is needed.


Dates for Year 7 Admission 2017:

Local authorities will be contacting parents and carers of children currently in Year 5 during the summer term 2016 explaining the process for making a secondary school application. Parents and carers will be invited to express 3 preferences for a secondary school for their child. Most parents will make their preferences using their local authority's on line admissions process. If parents/carers wish to apply to this school, their main application is made by naming this school as one of their 3 preferences. The closing date for doing this will be 31 October 2016.

In addition, this school asks parents and carers to complete a Supplementary In formation Form. These will be available from school or from the school website from August 2016. These are not application forms but they will enable applicants to provide any extra information to us which may be needed to properly consider your child's application, for example you may wish to opt for your child to take our Modern Language Aptitude Test or you may want us to consider some special circumstances about your child's application. We ask that this is also received by us by 31 October 2016.

Banding Assessment Day 02 December 2016

All Year 7 applicants for 2017 will be asked to come and take part in our Banding Assessment which will be held on 02 December 2016. This is not an entrance exam, it is not an 11+ exam, there is no pass or fail mark and is used purely in allocation of places to ensure that we offer places to children right across the ability range, from very able to least able children.

Reception Admissions

Applications must be made through the child's own home local authority. The closing date for Reception applications is Friday 15th January 2016.

Offers of places will be made by the local authority on Monday, 18th April 2016.


Nursery Admissions

All available places for Nursery in September 2016 have now been offered. There are no further places to offer.

We regret that there is no right of appeal at the Nursery application stage.


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