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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the school's catchment area?

A. The school doesn't have a catchment area as such.  We don't draw a circle on a map and allocate only to those inside the circle.  Part of our admissions policy is 'distance from school' i.e. we would allocate a number of places to those children living nearest to the school gate.  The other part of our admissions policy is 'random' allocation.  Thus, you could live quite far from the school, or even in a neighbouring Local Authority, and your child would still have a chance of being allocated one of these places.  To fully understand how 'distance' and 'random' fits into our policy, see our prospectus.

Q. I live very near the school - will I get a place for my child?

A. How near you would need to live to be allocated a 'distance' place would depend upon where other applicants live and how many 'distance' places are available for allocation.  On past experience, 'distance' places do tend to go to children living within 500 metres of school, but this does vary from year to year. 

Q. How do you decide who to give places to?

A. The school applies its published admission policy very strictly.  There is no discretion in this.  For example we do not consider such things as convenience of transport to school - that is not a part of our policy.  See our admission policy on Page 6 of the prospectus.

Q. What is the entrance exam and where can I buy practice papers?

A. There is no entrance exam for this school i.e. we do not ask children to do an 11+ with a pass or fail mark. We do invite all the Year 7 applicants in to do a non-verbal reasoning assessment in December, but this is purely for banding purposes, so that we can make sure we take children of all abilities in equal proportions.  We do not only allocate places to 'bright' children.  We do not provide practice papers and there is no need to tutor or coach children for our test.

Q. What if my child doesn't pass the Year 7 exam?

A.  No children pass or fail this assessment test - we consider all applicants equally in accordance with our published policy.  The assessment will place each applicant into one of five ability bands of equal size.

Q. Which language does my child have to speak to do the MFL aptitude test?

A. Year 7 applicants who choose the option of taking the MFL aptitude test do not need to know any specific language.  The test is in a made-up language of which no candidate will have knowledge so it is a level playing field for all.  We are testing the aptitude for using a language not knowledge of a specific language.  We allocate 10% of Year 7 places to the students who achieve the top scores in this test.

Q. How do I put my child on the waiting list?

A. Year 7, Reception and Nursery applicants will be retained on our waiting list for the first term of the academic year.  To remain on the list after that time, and to enter the list for any other year, all applicants are required to go through Manchester School Admissions Co-ordinated Admissions scheme.  Waiting list applicants should contact the School Admissions team to make an In Year application, which must be endorsed by the child's current school.  If your child does not have a school, they will be able to help you find a school which has a place for your child.  Very few applicants are ever allocated a place from our waiting list due to the very low level of pupil movement in this school - i.e. not many children leave us to vacate a place fo another child.

Q. How can I get some help understanding admissions to William Hulme's?

A. If you have any questions about our admissions process or if you want to find out why your child could not be offered a place at William Hulme's, the admissions officer is available on Thursday afternoons 1.30pm - 3.30pm to talk to parents.  An Urdu/Punjabi translator can usually be there if we know in advance that you require this help.  Please telephone the school on Thursday morning to make sure the admissions officer is in school on that day.