Reporting and Assessment

How do you know you’re making progress?

We are going to use a number system to track your progress in every subject at WHGS.

All subjects are going to give you an Age Related Grade.

You will take assessments each half-term but be graded each full term.

The assessments will highlight any areas that you need to improve.

Your ARG will go in your teacher’s markbook in SIMS.

What is an Age Related Grade?

Based on your assessed work, your ARG is the minimum grade we would expect you to reach at the end of the course in Year 11.

Teachers have worked out grade boundaries for each of your assessments that give you your ARG.

The grade boundaries are based on the 9-1 GCSE grades. Grade 9 is like the very top of the old A*. Grade 4 is like the bottom of the old Grade C.

The ARG is related to where you sit on the distribution of scores. It is not what you would get if you sat the GCSE tomorrow.

A similar proportion of students will receive a Grade 4 or better as received a Grade C or better.

This is also true for Grade 7 or better compared to the old Grade A or better.

How do you know you’re making progress?

If your ARG never changes from one assessment to the next that does not mean you’re not making progress.

If your receive an ARG of 5 in maths at the start of Year 7 and leave in Year 11 with an actual Grade 5 at GCSE then you have maintained your standing against all the other students taking the exam.

To score an ARG of 5 in Year 9 requires more knowledge and understanding than to score ARG of 5 in Year 7.

How do your parents know this progress is happening?

Reports that go home will tell your parents what ARG you’re on in each subject.

Parents will know that it is OK to stay at the same ARG throughout your time in school.

Parents will understand that if you are at ARG 9 in Year 7 and stay there until Year 11 you couldn’t have done any better.

How often will you be assessed?

Your teachers will decide which ARG you are on each half-term and/or term depending on the subject.

You may take a test in a subject or you may complete an assessed piece of work or a blend of the two.

What does progress look like over a year?

Your ARG could go up over a year if you make changes to your learning habits like memorising facts, figures and formulae from knowledge organisers using self-quizzing techniques.

Each term your tests become more difficult. If your ARG stays the same then this shows you have learned and retained knowledge, skills and understanding.

How can I judge whether my ARG is good or bad?

Target grades are generated when teachers take your scores from Key Stage 2 tests at Primary School and look at what grades students with similar scores achieved at GCSE in their subject.

Teachers will also use their judgement of your potential in a subject such as Art or Spanish that you may not have studied at KS2.

If your ARG is lower than your target grade then you know you could be doing better. If your ARG is at or higher than your target grade then you are doing well.

Old A* - G Grades

New 9 – 1 Grades

BTEC Level Grades

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