Smart School Council

Smart School Council

What is the Smart School Council?

The Smart School Council is an important team, full of talented members who try their best to truly make the school a better place to study and learn; and of course, to make WHGS a fun, happy school to be a part of. We ask for people’s opinions (students and teachers) on how the school is run and by referring to them, we make sensible, yet satisfying  changes to the school. Additionally, if you want your opinions heard more, there are multiple ways to do this, such as talking to the ‘Action Team Developers’ (Esosa and Imran), the ‘Question Finder’ (Chandan) or any other member of the Smart School Council.

Why did we have an Election?

There are many talented students in WHGS (far too many to choose from) so, because of this, Miss Hewitt and other members of staff decided to hold an election, where students were permitted to speak about their skills and attributes, as well as changes they wanted to add to the school (and vote). Pupils from each year group and class decided which candidate was most suitable for the role, eventually coming down to a shortlist of at least 3 members in each year group.

Who was Elected?

Year 7 

  • Bilal Riaz
  • Esosa Uyi-Omoruyi
  • Shania Hussein

Year 8

  • Adeena Shabbir
  • Imran Bakali
  • Halima Ali

Year 9 

  • Farai Taderera
  • Swara Barzanji
  • Timi Ogunyemi

Years 10 and 11 

  • Abulfazl Khanzadi
  • Abelrahman Ali
  • Abdul-Wasay Kaleem
  • Chandan Chikkana-Gowda
  • Pearl Rotimo-Ojo


Actions Team Developers:

  • Esosa Oyi-Omoruyi
  • Imran Bakali

Progress Board Updaters:

  • Abdulfazl Khanzadi
  • Abdelrahman Ali

Question Finder:

  • Chandan Chikkana-Gowda

Class Meeting Tool Leaders:

  • Swara Barzanji
  • Bilal Riaz
  • Staff Laison
  • Halima Ali

Website Updater:

  • Abdul-Wasey Kaleem

Newsletter Writer:

  • Adeena Shabbir


  • Esosa Oyi-Omoruyi

The Smart School Council and its members will introduce new and sensible changes/ideas to the school, based on students’ queries and opinions and we will try our hardest to make those changes happen quickly and efficiently. However, even if there is a Smart School Council to deal with any requests from students, you can also take matters into your own hands by asking teachers for permission, if your idea is mature to a certain degree and something that we can do. If you have any queries, ideas or concerns of any sort, the SSC, Wellbeing Team, members of staff, Pastoral Team and many more people are free to help!

Thank you.

Adeena Shabbir, Newsletter Writer

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